The blog you are scrolling though is the blog of a past me. I haven’t written on here in months (minus one failed attempt to get back on the track) and this space is feeling foreign. It’s too narrow to fit my body, too tight for my heart and newly found wisdom to squeeze through, too confined for my thoughts that now bear no interest in things they did in the past.

I now stand here with my arms high up in the air, reaching out for kind, loving, and creative energy from both you as a reader, and the people that physically surround me. In times of hardship when I felt like the universe was against me (hint: the universe isn’t against or for anybody, but it took a while to figure that out), I learned how to transform my body into a vessel for good energy. These past six months I’ve learned to tune into my body like I never have before, which in turn made me realize how disconnected to it I have felt my entire life. I’ve always practiced gratitude, but it never punctured deep into my soul, down my blood vessels, and out of the tips of my fingers.

When I told my mom that I chopped most of my hair off, she said “Ah yes, that’s usually where women begin to make big changes.”

I know this might all sound strange to you, but bear with me. In the past I’ve used my blog as a place to revel in my thoughts when I’m alone, but I would now really love to transform this into more of a collaborative, community-driven space. Each of my following posts will have a specific theme and I encourage you to comment your thoughts and experiences!ย Some of the topics will be comfortable and breezy, while some will feel like we’re all sitting on nails. I promise, this is going to be great. All you need to do is have an open mind.

Talk to you soon (for real though),


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