Solo coffee dates: reasons why you SHOULD

Do you have a habit of going out for coffee, tea, or even a meal by yourself? Ever since moving to a brand new city, this has become one of my favorite things to do. By nature, I’m outgoing – by character, I’m an introvert. Coffee shops provide the perfect space for me to be around people, all while spending time with myself, by myself.

If you’ve ever felt awkward sitting by yourself, I’m here to share some reasons why you shouldn’t feel awkward and why taking yourself out on coffee dates is a healthy, amazing habit.

1. You can get a lot of work done.

Coffee shops are amazing for getting work done. Bring your laptop along, or if that’s not your thing, bring a notebook along. Need to read a book or an article? Those are welcome too!

2. Your self-confidence grows.

Who’s that cool person hanging out alone, looking cool as heck? It’s you!! I’m not sure about you, but when I used to be anxious about going to coffee shops alone, I never looked at a person sitting alone and thought they were a loner. I thought they were super cool. To be quite honest with you, I feel cool as a cucumber when I hang out by myself.

3. You get to meet strangers.

This one is quite counter-intuitive because you’re going to be sitting there alone, butย it’s totally a thing. Ever since I started taking myself out on coffee dates, people have been striking up conversations with me left and right. You’re way less intimidating when you’re sitting by your lonesome, and that could lead to meeting some amazing humans.

4. Thinking time.

A change of surroundings is the perfect excuse to figure out whatever thoughts are jumbled up in your head. I’ve written the best material at coffee shops, and I’ve solved some of my trickiest life issues while brainstorming over a yummy cappuccino.

5. Charge your batteries.

Whether you’re an introvert, or an extrovert – coffee shops are the ideal place to charge your batteries. It’s the perfect place to be alone andย surrounded by people at the same time. Upon leaving ย find myself energized and ready to take on whatever task is ahead of me.

Tell me, is this something you ever do? If not, are you considering going out for a solo coffee date?



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    1. Absolutely – since I work from home, I feel like I’d go nuuuuts if I didn’t have a change of surroundings from time to time! <3 x

    1. What a sweet comment, thank you!!!
      I usually have my lap top with me, I start with emails and then move on to blog stuff and/or any freelance work I’m doing . If I’m having trouble concentrating I usually have my bullet journal with me and I love to fill it out / get my eyes off my laptop ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Hi Srna,

    I spent an awful lot of time in coffee shops (on my own) and while I agree with most of what you say, my experience of (3) is very different. It’s rare that people strike up conversations with me; I wonder if this is simply the difference between how solo men and solo women are perceived in coffee shops?

    I’m curious to know who strikes up conversations with you: Young, old? Male, female? Or is there no typical type? Perhaps, at the end of the day, I’m just off-putting to my fellow coffee shop visitors ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hey Brian!
      How interesting – you may be onto something. I’m usually one to strike up a conversation with baristas and servers, so perhaps that gives people around me a “green light” of some kind!
      I do, of course, come across more men (and usually older) that will comment on something, but those conversations rarely last!
      As for you being off-putting, I doubt that! โ˜บ perhaps it’s due to where you are and how open the people around you are to spontaneous interaction!

      Thanks so much for your comment!

  2. This is amazing, so well written and lovely. We don’t visit many coffee shops as we’d like in london but it’s always been a though to just sit in a local coffee shop and just read a book than sitting on my bed and doing so.

    Jessica & James |

  3. I used to do this a lot when I was single! Spending weekends in coffee shops, just writing away in my journal. Now I have a boyfriend, I spend all my weekends with him, so my alone time is restricted to weeknights in my room.

  4. I absolutely love solo coffee dates! I love taking my laptop and just zoning out with my headphones in, surrounded by other people so I don’t feel alone, just not having to interact with anyone! I know a lot of people who feel weird about going out and about by themselves but I definitely don’t think they should, it’s a wonderful thing to enjoy your own company!

    Abbey ?

  5. I actually prefer doing things like this by myself – I’m a total introvert too. I agree with all your reasons, but there’s something really cinematic about being the mysterious girl reading in the corner alone, right?! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I have no idea how I missed your comment – sorry for the late response! I totally agree – there’s nothing cooler than being “that girl at the coffee shop” <333 ๐Ÿ™‚

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