Happiness Mindfulness

Where have I been?

June 6, 2017

Sweet friends, it has been a while and I cannot even describe how excited I am to be back. I mean, I could try. I feel like I confetti cannon that’s about to burst and cover you…


Bedroom #14: An open letter

March 1, 2017

Have you ever written a letter to your bedroom? I’ve had 14 bedrooms to call my own in my lifetime, and as I begin to gather my belongings and prepare to leave bedroom #14, I decided…

body positivity

My body is making me miserable: now what?

February 16, 2017

You’re laying in your bed and you’re squishing the parts of your body that you think are “wrong”, like the love handles, your thighs, your belly. You imagine what your arms would feel like without the…