If We Were Having Coffee..

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If we were having coffee…

I would take you to OR Coffee, my favorite coffee shop in Brussels. We’d have a giggle about the chalkboard sign out front that always has a witty comment doodled on it, and made our way in. As soon as we walk in, we’d go straight to the counter and have a quick look through the menu – even though I often go for the same thing. I’ll ask the awesome girls behind the counter how they’re doing, before blurting out “One soy cappuccino please”. You may go ahead and place your order, and I’ll be happy to pay for the both of us. It’s an honor to hang out with you!


If we were having coffee..

We would sit down at one of the four-person tables on the back wall. I’d swing my backpack on one of the empty chairs and sit down right across from you. I imagine you’d comment something about the cafe and its appearance. My favorite thing about OR Coffee is that it’s cozy, calming, and never too loud (even when it’s crammed).

If we were having coffee..

I would ask you what you like doing in your free time. You would probably tell me what your day job is but I’d push past that and pick your passions apart. Don’t be scared, I would do it in the best way possible. Passionate people inspire my creativity, which gets me excited about life, and thus makes me a pretty chatty and fun person to talk to. If you happen to be a little shy, don’t worry – there’s never any awkward silence with me. I can talk your ear off, if I must, but I’d love it way more if you had things to discuss!


If we were having coffee..

We would talk about books. What’s the best book you’ve ever read? Are books not your thing? You can tell me your favorite song. I would tell you what songs and artists make my arms tingle and my heart beat faster. I’m also a sucker for incredible lyrics, and I could tell you a few of my favorites off the top of my head. But I won’t scare you, I’d really just want to feel out what you’re interested in.

If we were having coffee..

..and there was a person with a dog nearby, I would get up and ask if I could pet the dog. You may join me, or you can wait for me to return. I’ll be a minute.


If we were having coffee…

I would tell you about every place I’ve lived or traveled to. If there are any places you’re keen to hear more about, I’ll happily go on about the incredible memories I’ve gathered from there. I can recommend bookshops, cafes, bars, and hidden little sights – just ask. I would ask you where you’ve traveled before, and if there are any places you’d want to visit next. If you’d ask me the same question, I would tell you all about my dream to road trip through the USA. Sound like a fun one, no?


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  1. DEAR. I love this post. the idea is so wonderful. I will for sure be posting a post like this. So glad that I found this post idea. Looks like fun. I would love to get coffee with you and talk about our passions while I drink an iced latte. (:

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