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Money; it seems so far out of our reach when we feel like we need it the most. We’re preoccupied with dwelling on the idea that we do not possess it, constantly worrying and complaining. As per the law of abundance, the universe provides us with more of what we put out into it. Thus, it’s no surprise that when we dwell on the absence of finances, we expel these low energies that don’t help us attract any wealth.

Today I have created a worksheet for you, in order to help you visualize your life’s abundance, and in turn, attract more money into your bank account. I know this seems to simple to be true, but it has worked for me, and so many others. Plus, it’s completely free. You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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To make this easier for you, I will talk you through the pages of the worksheet so we can make sure that you get as much out of it as possible.

My dream life
Begin by either drawing out or writing down your dream life. Are you alone in this visualization, or surrounded by many people? Are you abundantly financially wealthy, or do you live a comfortable financial life? What do you do each day?
It’s so important to visualize the things we want, and it’s even more beneficial when we’re able to lay them out in front of us. Remember, the universe gives you more of what you talk and think about, so flip those thoughts from negatives into positives!

What abundance do I already possess?
Another major component of abundance is realizing how full and rich your life is at this very moment. Look around you, and jot down eight things you are grateful to have in your life. Love? Friendship? Material things? A home? The possibilities are endless, and the importance of thinking about these things is huge!

What would I love to get paid to do?

Write down (at least) three things that you would absolutely love to get paid for doing. Disregard the voice inside your head that may be telling you that you can or cannot do these things, just write them down. Is there a job that seems fantastic to you? Write it down.

Who would I share my abundance with?

People? Pets? No one?

If I won $80 on a scratch-off card today, I will spend it on…

If I got a $2000 bonus today, I would spend it on…

If the balance in my bank account was $150,000, I would…

You know what do here. Go into as much detail as you can. Put more of those magical dreams of yours out into the universe.

The last page consists of three powerful financial affirmations. Print this page out, frame it, keep it next to your bed – do whatever you need to do. Read these three affirmations out loud every day, and reap the rewards that come with this incredible practice!

Once again, this Abundance worksheet is FREE (because taking money from someone that needs it doesn’t seem fair). But, if these exercises bring money into your life, you can help me out by buying me a cup of coffee and supporting this blog!

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