Eczema and skincare (that doesn’t irritate it)


If you’ve clicked on this post, chances are that you have eczema (or a similar skin condition), and are aware of how absolutely miserable it is to deal with it. My eczema story began when I was very young. At three year old, my parents noticed that I had red splotches on the top of my hands and for the next few years I was “allegedly allergic” to nuts, citrus, ketchup, etc. After a few years passed and I had many tests done, my rashes spread all over my body and we learned that I was suffering from atopic dermatitis, or eczema. My eczema is mainly triggered by stress, anxiety, or just general discomfort. I have also noticed that hormonal changes affect me greatly, so this is what I’m attributing it to for now. Mind you, I am almost 24 years old, and my eczema is still very much present! I’ve gone through so many stages with it, and have tried every “cure” known to mankind (spoiler alert, nothing has fully worked, but stick around).

I like to believe that the worst stage of my eczema journey is truly over. From age 10 all the way to age 16, I dealt with eczema so severe that it was borderline disgusting. Okay, not borderline – it was truly gross. I scratched my hands and fingers so much that they were constantly covered in open wounds. Shampooing my hair burned my wounds, and flexing my fingers would rip the fragile skin that could never fully heal. I even had a huge patch of eczema on one side of my face (never the other one), and to this day I still get break outs on and around my lips and nose. If you put a severity scale in front of me, I would say that my eczema was at an absolute 10 back then, and at a measly 1 or 1.5 at this very moment. There are many things that I believe contributed to this change. Mainly time, hormones, and taking care of my body, skin, and mind. Today, I’m going to share with you a few products that have really helped me manage my eczema through the years.

1: Bioderma Atoderm

I discovered this lotion just a few months ago, and I now find myself reaching for it multiple times each day. It’s a very gentle lotion that is aimed at people with very dry to atopic skin (ding ding ding!). It’s so gentle that you can put it on newborn babies, so you know that there isn’t any junk in there. Fragrance-free, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic, it truly covers all the bases. I’ve officially stopped using any other body lotion, and slather this all over my body and face, not only after showering, but often right before bed. The formulation isn’t very greasy, which is amazing when it comes to a product like this. It takes just a few minutes for it to fully soak into my skin, and I am ready for a great, itch-free night of sleep.

2: Forever Living lip balm

I have tried many Forever Living products in the last couple of years, but because my lips are one of my biggest problem areas, this lip balm is always in my hand bag. It’s extremely soft and moisturizing, and leaves a bit of a glossy finish to the lips. It’s completely colorless, but it has a sweet and fruity scent that I really enjoy the smell and taste of. I’ve found that aloe is not only soothing for eczema, but it often heals my lips for a period of time!


3: Body Shop Vitamin E oil

This was a completely accidental discovery, and it is perhaps my favorite part of my nightly skincare routine. I cleanse, I tone, and I cover my whole face and neck in this gorgeous serum-in-oil. I let it soak all night, and by morning time I find that the dry spots of eczema on my face have gotten all of the hydration they need. This little baby helps my makeup glide on the next day, and I couldn’t recommend it enough! It has a very elegant, almost old lady-esque cosmetic scent, and I am all about it. It makes me feel like I am at a luxurious spa.



4: Essential oil roller

Last, but by no means least is the Tisserand Aromatherapy Roller Ball. Like I mentioned before, my eczema is triggered by stress, anxiety, and discomfort. I roll this oil onto my pressure points (mainly my wrists) any time I might feel a bit off, and it does a wonderful job at relaxing me. I’ve taken it on flights, and have even used it first thing in the morning if I’m not feeling particularly calm.



I am on the lookout for other products that may help me and others suffering with eczema. If you are a beauty or skincare brand with a product for sensitive skin, I would love to try it and review it! Feel free to email me at

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  1. Do you use anything for your scalp? If so I’d love to know. My scalp is the biggest problem area for me and also the worst. I sometimes scratch so much people think i have lice ? and lotions turn my oily hair into a pile of grease that looks like i haven’t showered for days. Oh #girlswitheczemaproblems

    1. Hey Leslie! I don’t usually have a ton of issues with my scalp but I have in the past. There is a really cheap product called “Hollywood beauty Tea Tree Oil Skin and Scalp Treatment”. That’s definitely a standout for me 🙂

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