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October 11, 2017

Yesterday was World Mental Health day, and there couldn’t be a better time for me to sit down and try to have a chat with you. Don’t freak out, I’m actually not going through too much of a rough patch, lately I’ve just felt a bit stuck. It feels like there’s a nugget full of thoughts and feelings that stuck deep in my throat, and I’ve been unable to spit it out for the past month. Have you ever felt like that? By nature, I’m a writer. You’ll usually find me blogging, journaling, or just jotting thoughts down on napkins in local coffee shops. Lately though, I’ve hit the biggest writing dry spell of my life. I wake up and blankly stare at my journal. My blog, as you can see, has had tumbleweeds flowing through it. It’s kind of a miracle that I somehow found the inspiration to sit down and write this. I’m 100% planning on treating myself to a cup of tea if this ends up being a blog post.

While I haven’t been writing, one thing that I have been lonely working on is bettering my relationship with food and my body. I’ve lost so much weight in my lifetime, and I’ve gained about a third of it back, and that’s okay. I’m finally coming to terms with the fact that this really is alright. I’ve taken steps to liberate my mind from its obsession with body image. Body acceptance has always been such a big deal to me, and it’s finally time that I got around to accepting my own body. As this is something I’m really just starting to work on, I won’t elaborate in this post. There are some amazing resources online based on Body Positivity and Body Acceptance. I urge you to either message me and ask where to start, or do a bit of your own research.

On the upside, Autumn is finally here. Dylan and I have been riding our bikes during the last few warmer days, we’ve filled the house with yummy-smelling autumnal candles, and we spend our nights cozied up on the couch. On the weekends we go into town for a cup of hot caramel apple cider, and we often spend our days with friends. Nothing in my life is bad, I’m just itching for a big project. This will all change once I’m able to get a job, but for now I would really like to get back into writing and / or art.

This is honestly all I’ve got for you at the moment. I’m hopeful that I’ll snap right back into writing as soon as possible.

Until next time, stay woke


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Living room tour: Welcome!

September 12, 2017

It is finally time for a living room tour! As newlyweds, we’ve gotten a few gifts, a few hand-me-downs, and have spent just a few bucks on making our house feel like a home. Just about everything we’ve gotten, we have bought on a budget. Both Dylan and I tried really hard to make our living room as true to our characters as possible, so I strayed away from the all-white, bamboo, marble scheme that most bloggers tend to go for. I loved my last bedroom, but I feel as if I had outgrown it style-wise by the time I moved out. This time we’ve incorporated many textures, a couple of colors, and what may seem like too many finishes of wood.

Our living room is fairly small, thus, we’ve tried to get as much use of the space as possible.

Sitting area:

If you were to come over for a coffee, you’d be seated at our comfy teal couch. The color was my choice (not so much Dylan’s), and I think that it makes the room so fun. We also have a big, fluffy, pink cushion that Dylan says reminds him of the trees in Dr. Seuss book! As a wedding present from our lovely friend Jay, we received the fluffy sheep ottoman that is just the cutest piece of furniture, and possibly the best ice-breaker and conversation-starter.

Across from our couch sits our giant TV on the coolest little pin-leg desk! We got it because of the teal color of the metal pin-legs, which just happens to match our couch really well!

P.S. I know it’s only September, but we’re already bringing Halloween into our home. NO SHAME!



Office corner / shelves: 

The most prominent part of our living room are the long shelves that line the stairs (we live in a second floor apartment). These shelves contain knick-knacks that represent both Dylan and me really well! Vintage film cameras, photos, our little polaroid camera, the cutest “will you marry me?” sign, and some great books! We’re also lacking wall-art for the moment, so we have our MR&MRS wedding decoration gracing our sweet living room. It’s such a fab reminder of the best day of our lives!


Now that I’m officially back to blogging at full-force, I really needed a work station. We found the cute little crisscross desk at Aldi (of all places) for just $30! Such a steal, and we’re so happy with it. The chair I’m sitting on is temporary, but it works. Alongside that, I draped a furry rug over Dylan’s grandpa’s old minibar which we use for storage. Atop the minibar is a frame with all of our favorite shots from our wedding day!

Needless to say, this is quickly becoming my favorite part of our living space. My office corner let’s me concentrate and completely shut all distractions out!


What do you think of our new space? Any suggestions for us in terms of decorating? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



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Our wedding day: Goodbye distance, Hello bliss!

August 22, 2017

Do you remember my post about surviving a long distance relationship?

How about the one about us getting engaged?

Well, I’m ecstatic to announce that Dylan and I have officially closed the distance forever. Not only that, but we got MARRIED this past Saturday. Married – can you believe it?! I still catch myself staring and grinning at the two rings on my finger. The past few days and our wedding have been some of the most joyous and incredible days of my life, so if you’re in the mood for a chit-chat and story time, keep on reading.

Happily ever after <3

The before:

As some of you have realized by now, my best friend Lindsey got ordained and drove from Connecticut to Wisconsin to officiate our wedding. She’s actually in the process of moving across the USA to Utah! Lindsey and I haven’t seen each other since March 2016 when she came to visit me in Belgium for about a week. When she arrived at mine and Dylan’s new home last Tuesday, I squeezed the guts out of her and proceeded to tell her that I didn’t feel like it had been so long since we last saw each other. It’s funny, I said the same thing to Dylan when I arrived in the USA. When you love people so much, and you make the effort to stay in touch via texts and video, your relationship with said person can indeed flourish at a distance.

This was Dylan and Lindsey’s first time meeting in person, although they had both spent the past 4+ years listening to stories about each other. On the first night we eased into a fun night of cards against humanity, which is by far the best way to get to know new friends. The following couple of days consisted of running wedding and non-wedding related errands like picking out Dylan’s last minute wedding outfit (we did SO good), finding my hairpiece (at freaking Claire’s!!!) and getting lots of yummy groceries. We also drove up to the location where Dylan and I got married, and worked on Lindsey’s ceremony speech. Having Lindsey by my side through all of this was a blessing, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I had never thought that I’d be relaxed and laid-back in the moments leading up to my wedding day, but there was absolutely zero stress. It was fantastic.

My brother Igor, and my sister in law Kate arrived in town mid-day on Friday and visited our new place. They seemed to love it, we all nibbled on some Oreos, and then that evening they took me, Lindsey, and Dylan out for a delicious meal (thanks guys!). This was the night before our wedding day, and again, it was fun and totally stress-free. By opting for a non-traditional wedding, we also opted out of all the stress that comes with it.

Wedding day:

Our wedding day began by me waking up, Dylan sleeping in, and Lindsey making me a yummy cup of coffee to snuggle up with on my couch. We hung out, took some cute polaroids, and Lindsey went off on an adventure to find breakfast. Rewind to 30 minutes later, Dylan has woken up, Lindsey has arrived with a box of pastries for 12 people and a loaf of asiago bread. We break out the hummus and proceed to eat enough for at least 8 people. Yes, just the three of us. You won’t find most brides eating carbs and sugar right before their wedding day, but IT’S FINE. It was incredible and I have zero regrets. At noon we drove downtown, I got my hair down at the adorable Primitive Parlor, and then headed back home to do our makeup. I opted to do my own wedding makeup, which I will do a whole separate post on, so check back in if that’s something that interests you.

A little before 3pm, we drove to the lookout point on Grandad’s bluff, the place where our ceremony took place. After a week-long prognosis for a rainy day, we were greeted with a gorgeous day, and not a cloud in the sky. Our ceremony was family-only, so we all gathered up there and began. Lindsey’s speech was incredible, heartwarming, and everything I never knew I wanted to hear on my wedding day. Dylan and I squeezed each-other’s hands as we said our “I do’s”, and I couldn’t wipe the huge grin on my face. There is not a doubt in my mind that this is the man I want to marry, and I am so excited to have a lifetime of adventures with him by my side.
Once we wrapped up the ceremony with a “Namaste”, we moved to a more shaded location and took lots of photos. Below are some of my favorite family photos! I gained two new nephews, and a princess of a new niece. I already love them all to bits!


After a bit of a break at home, we headed to a little bar with a beer garden that’s so close by our house, and decorated it. There were balloons, streamers, lanterns, and the cutest Mr&Mrs sign hanging on a wall. Slowly but surely, our friends started to arrive. We bought tons of beer, the people at the bar were fantastic and made us a TON of fried food, and everything went better than I had hoped for. The rest of the night was really fun – we played darts, took tons of silly polaroids, and enjoyed catching up with all of our Wisconsin friends. There is nothing I would change about our wedding day, and I’ll always look back at the day with the biggest smile on my face! If you were at our wedding celebration, thanks a million for making it such a fun evening and celebrating our marriage with us!



Dylan’s mom took us out for a lovely breakfast the day after our wedding (which was much needed after a fun night), and then we went and bought a television. Hahah, you read that correctly. We got a huge TV, and our home is now complete, cozy, and perfect for snuggling up and watching shows together. It has now been three days post-wedding, and we are still on cloud nine. I’m not sure that many of you are aware, but Dylan and I met on the internet. We beat all odds, and are finally happy together. There is no more long-distance dating in our future, and for that, we couldn’t be more grateful.

Talk about a happy beginning!


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Solo coffee dates: reasons why you SHOULD

February 1, 2017

go out for coffeealone

Do you have a habit of going out for coffee, tea, or even a meal by yourself? Ever since moving to a brand new city, this has become one of my favorite things to do. By nature, I’m outgoing – by character, I’m an introvert. Coffee shops provide the perfect space for me to be around people, all while spending time with myself, by myself.

If you’ve ever felt awkward sitting by yourself, I’m here to share some reasons why you shouldn’t feel awkward and why taking yourself out on coffee dates is a healthy, amazing habit.

1. You can get a lot of work done.

Coffee shops are amazing for getting work done. Bring your laptop along, or if that’s not your thing, bring a notebook along. Need to read a book or an article? Those are welcome too!

2. Your self-confidence grows.

Who’s that cool person hanging out alone, looking cool as heck? It’s you!! I’m not sure about you, but when I used to be anxious about going to coffee shops alone, I never looked at a person sitting alone and thought they were a loner. I thought they were super cool. To be quite honest with you, I feel cool as a cucumber when I hang out by myself.

3. You get to meet strangers.

This one is quite counter-intuitive because you’re going to be sitting there alone, but it’s totally a thing. Ever since I started taking myself out on coffee dates, people have been striking up conversations with me left and right. You’re way less intimidating when you’re sitting by your lonesome, and that could lead to meeting some amazing humans.

4. Thinking time.

A change of surroundings is the perfect excuse to figure out whatever thoughts are jumbled up in your head. I’ve written the best material at coffee shops, and I’ve solved some of my trickiest life issues while brainstorming over a yummy cappuccino.

5. Charge your batteries.

Whether you’re an introvert, or an extrovert – coffee shops are the ideal place to charge your batteries. It’s the perfect place to be alone and surrounded by people at the same time. Upon leaving  find myself energized and ready to take on whatever task is ahead of me.

Tell me, is this something you ever do? If not, are you considering going out for a solo coffee date?



Till next time,


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Losing 75 lbs – 10 Things Nobody Tells You

November 3, 2016

As some of you may know, I have lost a total of 75 lbs in the last five years. My weight loss process has been slow and steady, but effective. I am still on my journey, and I constantly try to treat my body with love and respect. I will share more of my journey in the future, but for now, here are ten things nobody told me before I started my weight loss.



  1. Starting is the absolute hardest part of the whole journey. Of course, no one would tell you that when you’re trying to start a weight loss journey, but it’s true. There is nothing harder than getting into the mindset that your life is about to change forever.
  2. You will fail, and fall off the wagon, and binge eat – AND IT’S ALL OKAY. The key to actually losing weight is that you get back up every time you fall down.
  3. There will be nights when you feel like you will never hit your goal. You will cry and scream (or do whatever you do when you’re in despair). Let yourself go through that because as soon as the sun comes up the next day you’ll feel a hundred times better.
  4. The first diet you try probably will not work for you. The second and third might not either. Different bodies lose weight in different ways, and there is something out there that will work for you. Keep searching.
  5. Crash diets will not work. Okay, maybe people have told you this one before, but we never listen, do we?
  6. You can’t do it all at once, and you can’t be on a “diet” for a whole year straight. I’ve come across a few people that have been able to pull that off, and more power to them. Most of us, unfortunately, can not. It’s okay to take breaks, have a cheat day, do whatever you need to do. Just try not to binge and ruin all of your efforts.
  7. If you stick to a boring diet, you will fail. Oranges for lunch every day? Plain chicken for dinner 6 times a week? Say “bye bye” to your diet. You’ll last four days at most and hate yourself after. Make sure that you eat varied meals. The key to sticking with a certain meal plan is to prevent yourself from getting bored of it!
  8. If you stick to a plan that works for long enough, you will see results. The moment you see those results will be the moment you gain HEAPS of motivation to keep pushing. Nothing motivates more than loose clothing.
  9. People will often tell you not to compare yourself to others. Forget that, and seek out photos of people that have made amazing progress and are currently where you would like to be. Study them, look at that, dream about how it’ll feel when you finally hit those numbers.
  10. Remember that this journey is about you. It’s not just about looking better in your clothes, it’s also about feeling better and being healthier. Every time you have a successful week, treat yourself to a non-food reward. Get a mani-pedi, buy a new item of clothing, take yourself to the cinema. Treat yourself for the amazing work you’re doing.

    Left: me, not even close to my highest weight. Right: me, about a month ago.

Are you on a weight loss journey, or are you thinking about starting one? Let me know in the comments below!