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Moving across the world for love

August 9, 2017

Imagine that you wake up one morning and you know that by the end of that day, nothing will ever really be the same again. That was me on Saturday morning, the 5th of August. I woke up in my giant bed in Brussels, in my cozy bedroom, for the last time ever. With a heart full of excitement and a bit of flight anxiety, I got up and got ready to move myself and all of my stuff to Wisconsin, USA to be with my fiancé. If you follow me on twitter, or if you follow this blog, you’ll know that my fiancé Dylan and I have been together for more than four years. The majority of our relationship has been long-distance, so finally being able to close that gap forever was huge for us. It was an exciting morning, to say the least.

I hopped on my first flight, and to my surprise, I was bumped up into a first class seat. My stomach was in knots as I was imagining what the flight from Brussels to Iceland would be like. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of the plane falling out of the sky – I just feel VERY uncomfortable during turbulence. There was a man sat next to me, and we happened to be wearing the same shoes (Converse, heck yeah!), so we started to chat. Our conversation ended up lasting for the whole three hours of the flight which I am so grateful for because he kept me very calm. The landing was a bit bumpy, but I made it out without any tears. Rip a lesson out of my book, always ask for help when you’re scared – you might end up making a new friend!

Iceland was pretty cool, but I was too freaked out from the shakey landing to take any photos. There were volcanoes and steam coming out of the ground, and I was humming some Sigur Rós while I made my way to my next gate. Knowing that only 6 more hours of flying stood between me and Dylan was enough to keep me calm. The next flight wasn’t as eventful but we did fly over Greenland which was INCREDIBLE. Never in my life have I witnessed anything as cool as the view from my airplane window, just look at these completely unedited iPhone photos!

Upon landing in the USA, I got through immigration very quickly. I waited until Dylan and his mom parked their car and came to grab me and my bags from my gate. Something that neither Dylan or I expected, is that seeing each other doesn’t feel like we haven’t been together in months. It just feel calm, right, and comfortable. We hugged, and kissed, and I tried my best to stay awake as much as I could after being up for 24 hours. Dylan’s mom treated us to a quick dinner on the road (thank you!!!), and then we proceeded to drive for hours until we finally made it to our new little home in La Crosse, Wisconsin.



Dylan and I, seeing each other at the airport.

The past few days here have been really lovely. We stocked our pantry, made our home as cozy as we could in a day or two, and got some much-needed family time at Dylan’s sister’s house for dinner! I’m just getting settled into the new place, but once everything simmers down, I’ll be back to posting regularly on here. For now, I’m getting ready for my 24th birthday on Sunday, my best friend and family visiting next week, AND OUR WEDDING NEXT WEEKEND ON THE 19th.

No big deal, huh? 😉

Stay tuned for that, and a little apartment tour coming soon!




Long distance relationship Wedding

Crossroads: My life is about to change

July 30, 2017

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’m currently at the biggest crossroad of my entire life. In less than one week, I will be getting on a plane with all of my belongings and moving from Brussels to Wisconsin. As someone that suffers with flight anxiety, I haven’t really been able to think past the flights to the USA. But, in reality, what comes after is what makes this period of my life truly remarkable.

The next month holds so much love, joy, and celebration. I’d throw it all into one sentence, but I happen to dislike really long sentences, so let’s try a list.

  • I’m flying to Chicago via Iceland, Dylan is picking me up from there for a four hour road trip to our new little home. As I said, I have really bad flight anxiety so my thoughts are preoccupied with my two dumb flights.
  • Dylan and I are taking the next few days to furnish said new home. Throws, candles, pillows – I’m ready.
  • I turn 24 on August the 13th, and I finally get to celebrate my birthday with Dylan. We’ve missed too many birthdays whilst being in a long distance relationship!
  • My bestest friend in the entire world is, a) coming to stay with me and Dylan for a lil while, and b) GOT ORDAINED AND WILL PERFORM OUR CEREMONY!
  • Oh yeah, did I mention that I’M GETTING MARRIED ON AUGUST 19th?! When I said this month is life-changing, I really meant it.
  • I have incredible family and friends visiting for our little ceremony, and then Dylan and I are celebrating with everyone we love at a bar with lots of drinks and appetizers.


It’s both exciting and sad to close this chapter of my life and move onto the next one. These past two years in Brussels have been great for my creativity, my writing, and especially for my coffee consumption. But, I’m ready for the amazing life that Dylan and I are going to build together. This blog will become a little bit more personal from here on out. I’m sure that we’ll have plenty of adventures, as well as cozy days in, that we would love to share with you!

As for the wedding, as I know a lot of you have questions – it’s going to be a bit different (surprise, surprise)! I thought that not planning a big elaborate wedding would mean less planning and dealing with little details, but a small wedding has just as much planning on the agenda. I’ve been extremely lucky to have the help of friends and family, and I’m so freaking excited for the big day when we can all celebrate love.

Great things are ahead! Here we go.



Long distance relationship Wedding

Planning an unconventional wedding day

June 8, 2017

It’s almost wedding time! If you’ve kept up with me on this blog, you’ll know that everything about my relationship with my fiancé has been unconventional. We’ve done years of long distance dating, have traveled over oceans to be together, and we even got engaged via video. If you missed that beautiful craziness, check it out here. So, having said all this, of course we aren’t going to be walking down the aisle in a traditional manner. Our story is as different as our love is strong, so now that it’s almost time to say “I do”, I thought I’d share what we’re planning!

I’ve been discussing this on social media quite a bit, but Dylan and I are still in the very slow race to obtaining a US visa for me. I am hoping that in about 5 or 6 weeks I’ll saying “I do”, but unfortunately, I can’t plan anything with certain dates because our visa situation is largely dependent on external factors. What I can tell you though, is that we will be having a small courthouse wedding with only a handful of people that are near and dear to our hearts. After the main event finishes up, we’re going to head to a local bar to celebrate and hang out with everybody. For me, the idea of a wedding has always been such a personal affair, so to get married with hundreds of people watching feels a bit alien. Many brides obsess over their wedding day to a point where they can’t enjoy it, and I really don’t want that to happen. The mutual commitment  and love between me and Dylan will be the most important thing that day, and I will be absurdly happy to have some of my closest friends and relatives by my side on such a special day.

As for little details, I’m still working though them. I have yet to pick out a dress, but I’ve been throwing some ideas around twitter and I’ve gotten incredible feedback. These are currently the top three contenders, but there’s no guarantee that I’ll end up with one of them.

I’m leaving a lot of it up to the universe. I’m bringing my good vibes with me, and I know that the people around us will do everything to ensure we have a happy and wonderful wedding day.

Here’s to life, and here’s to love.


Long distance relationship

Long Distance Engagement: Proposal in a Box

December 13, 2016

First of all, let’s get the important thing out of the way – I’M ENGAGED, I’M ENGAGED, OMG I’M ENGAGED! *dances around the room* I’m also still in a long distance relationship, but not for much longer!



I have been in an extremely loving relationship with Dylan for four years now. It’s been a while! Throughout that time, we’ve had to deal with a LOT of long distance. The long distance doesn’t even phase us anymore, but we couldn’t be happier to finally have to opportunity to close the gap between us! Dylan currently lives in Wisconsin and I’m situated in Brussels, Belgium (that’s 4,178 miles / 6723 kilometers between us)!

On December 12th, I got a box in the mail that granted, I knew was coming. We decided on our next move together, but I was clueless as to what was actually in the box. Dylan is so sweet and amazing, so today I want to share my proposal in a box with you!


The first thing I could see peeking out of the box were RING POPS! How cute is that? He figured that ring pops were a better alternative to packing peanuts, and oh boy – was he right! They fit perfectly with the whole theme of the box and made for a sweet celebration! 🙂


Then of course, a photo of my handsome fiancé down on one knee with the sweetest “will you marry me?” sign in his hand! Since so much of our relationship has been at a distance, this long distance proposal meant the WORLD to me. It was extremely sentimental to both of us, and we’re so happy with the amount of love in our relationship that has kept us strong and dedicated to each other.

The box contained the ring, the beautiful photo of Dylan down on one knee, a bunch of ring pops, and a box of Udderfingers. Don’t worry, I didn’t know what those were either a few years ago. They’re almond butter toffee candies from Wisconsin, and he brought them to New York the first time he came to visit me! They’re very sentimental to the two of us, as we snacked on them during all of our snuggle sessions and Netflix marathons. It was amazing!


Finally, I couldn’t be happier to be marrying the love of my life. We really have gone through the biggest ups and downs anyone could imagine. Our love is strong, and we’re both extremely excited to begin our lives together.

Distance, my friends, makes the heart fight for true love.

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p.p.s. YES, there’s also a video. Enjoy!


Long distance relationship

10 Things I learned while living with my boyfriend

August 29, 2016

Moving in with a boyfriend at any age is a big milestone, but moving into your first “big girl” apartment, at 21, with your long distance boyfriend? That, my friends, was a leap and a half. I had just graduated from university, and a month later I found myself in a completely new city, signing the lease for a small studio apartment with the guy I’ve been in love with for years. We only got to live in that apartment for three months, but nevertheless, it was an amazing experience that taught me a lot about him, myself, and our relationship.


Here are 10 things I learned along the way:

  1. If you live with someone who is on a completely different sleep cycle than you are, make sure you opt for at least a one bedroom apartment. Our little studio was truly tiny, and my mornings were spent either trying to be as quiet as humanly possible, or waking Dylan up.
  2. I really need to work on my habit to clutter. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love cleaning, tidying, making my space feel nice, homey, and clean. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s impossible for me to take my jeans off and throw them anywhere but on the floor. I’m hoping to at least narrow my clutter into one pile so that we always have visible floor space (oops).
  3. I love cooking, both for Dylan and myself. I’ve never really had the opportunity to cook for other people before, but I really enjoyed creating meals that both of us would love.
  4. I cannot handle heat. Like, at all. I had never realized how dependent I am on air conditioning until Dylan started commenting on the fact that our apartment felt like a fridge at all times. No heat for me, please and thank you!
  5. I will wash dishes, as long as I don’t have to take out the trash. Ever.
  6. I am an old lady at heart. In bed by 9, asleep by 10:30.
  7. Along the way, I learned that I’m fairly responsible with money. We were always on top of our bills, and worked hard to make sure everything was going according to plan.
  8. I have the most loving and supportive boyfriend. I was on a diet called “Ideal Protein” while living with him, and while I won’t get into it in this post, I’m just going to say that it was a very restrictive diet, and he helped me push through it every step of the way.
  9. I will pick kayaking over going to the bars any day of the week.
  10. Last, and of course most embarassing, I am such a scaredy cat that I literally scream and hide my face in my pillow when something even remotely scary happens in a TV show. Imagine what happened when Dylan made me try and watch Hannibal!

Have you ever lived with a significant other? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


Long distance relationship

How to survive a long distance relationship

August 21, 2016

Long distance relationships are hard, and if you’ve ever been in one – you know that even that sentence is an understatement. Being in a normal relationship requires you to make room for a significant other in your day, being in a long distance relationship on the other hand, requires you to flip your whole life around. But again, if you’ve ever been in one, you know that they’re so extremely rewarding.



I’ve been in a long distance relationship for almost four years. Yes, there were a few breaks involved, and no, not all of it has been distance so far. Dylan and I had the amazing opportunity to live together for four months last summer, which was a dream come true. Aside from that it’s been a few visits here and there, and endless FaceTime dates. You see, we currently live 4185 miles away from each other, but we’re planning on closing the distance as soon as we can.

Our tiny little studio apartment that we only got to live in for a summer.

Our tiny little studio apartment that we only got to live in for a summer.

1. Trust, Honesty, Commitment 

The holy trinity, if you will. Both you and your partner have to be completely honest at all times, committed and dedicated to making your relationship work, and most importantly, you have to trust each other. It takes a while to build up trust, but lucky for you, time is something you have plenty of when you’re in a long distance relationship. Doubts will only drive you crazy, and push your partner far, far away from you.

2. Communication

Fights and conflicts are a normal part of any relationship, and long distance relationships are no exception. The only issue is that you can’t kiss and make up, you have to talk through literally everything. Communication is key when it comes to preventing big blow ups, as well as working through them. Know your wants and needs, and make sure to clearly communicate them to your partner. On the other hand, be accommodating when your partner approaches you with a need or complaint.

3. Dating (FaceTime, Skype, etc)

Just because you’re a billion miles away from your loved one, doesn’t mean that you aren’t dating. FaceTime has been a life-saver for my relationship. While we can’t snuggle up and watch a movie, we do get to come home to each other, talk about our days, and laugh about whatever is amusing us at the moment. Due to work and a six hour time difference, we only get about three days of FaceTime a week, but even that’s enough to keep the romance alive.

4. Texting 

Similarly, we text every day, throughout the day. Good morning and goodnight texts are a given, but random selfies from time to time are the sweetest. Make your partner feel loved, wanted, and missed. It’ll strengthen your relationship more than you’ll ever know.

5. Talk about the future

The thing about being so far away, is that conversations tend to be more meaningful than “what’s up?”. Let your imagination run wild, and dream up an incredible future with your loved one. A cabin in the woods, freshly baked bread, a co-owned company, a little family-run coffee shop. Dreams begin by actually dreaming, and Dylan and I have discovered things we never even knew we wanted to do. Don’t be scared to get a little silly, it’s the best thing you can do in a long distance relationship.

Cheeky little tumblr interaction from way before we fell in love. :)

Cheeky little tumblr interaction from way before we fell in love. 🙂

6. Plan

There is nothing worse than not knowing when you’ll see each other next. If you are able to, book tickets and count down the days until you can put your phone away for more than an hour at a time. There is nothing sweeter than waking up one day and knowing that you’re about to pick up your loved one from the airport, or run into their arms as they wait for you. If you can’t make plans right now, just be patient, it’ll work out.

The first photo we ever took together.

The first photo we ever took together.

7. Embrace “me time”

It probably seems like “me time” is the last thing you need right now, but somewhere down the line you’ll realize that this distance has made you stronger, more independent, and heaps more romantic. Just make sure you don’t take life too seriously.


Do you have any experience with long distance relationships? Is this a topic you’d like me to post more about?  Let me know down in the comments!