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Living room tour: Welcome!

September 12, 2017

It is finally time for a living room tour! As newlyweds, we’ve gotten a few gifts, a few hand-me-downs, and have spent just a few bucks on making our house feel like a home. Just about everything we’ve gotten, we have bought on a budget. Both Dylan and I tried really hard to make our living room as true to our characters as possible, so I strayed away from the all-white, bamboo, marble scheme that most bloggers tend to go for. I loved my last bedroom, but I feel as if I had outgrown it style-wise by the time I moved out. This time we’ve incorporated many textures, a couple of colors, and what may seem like too many finishes of wood.

Our living room is fairly small, thus, we’ve tried to get as much use of the space as possible.

Sitting area:

If you were to come over for a coffee, you’d be seated at our comfy teal couch. The color was my choice (not so much Dylan’s), and I think that it makes the room so fun. We also have a big, fluffy, pink cushion that Dylan says reminds him of the trees in Dr. Seuss book! As a wedding present from our lovely friend Jay, we received the fluffy sheep ottoman that is just the cutest piece of furniture, and possibly the best ice-breaker and conversation-starter.

Across from our couch sits our giant TV on the coolest little pin-leg desk! We got it because of the teal color of the metal pin-legs, which just happens to match our couch really well!

P.S. I know it’s only September, but we’re already bringing Halloween into our home. NO SHAME!



Office corner / shelves: 

The most prominent part of our living room are the long shelves that line the stairs (we live in a second floor apartment). These shelves contain knick-knacks that represent both Dylan and me really well! Vintage film cameras, photos, our little polaroid camera, the cutest “will you marry me?” sign, and some great books! We’re also lacking wall-art for the moment, so we have our MR&MRS wedding decoration gracing our sweet living room. It’s such a fab reminder of the best day of our lives!


Now that I’m officially back to blogging at full-force, I really needed a work station. We found the cute little crisscross desk at Aldi (of all places) for just $30! Such a steal, and we’re so happy with it. The chair I’m sitting on is temporary, but it works. Alongside that, I draped a furry rug over Dylan’s grandpa’s old minibar which we use for storage. Atop the minibar is a frame with all of our favorite shots from our wedding day!

Needless to say, this is quickly becoming my favorite part of our living space. My office corner let’s me concentrate and completely shut all distractions out!


What do you think of our new space? Any suggestions for us in terms of decorating? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!




Bedroom #14: An open letter

March 1, 2017

Have you ever written a letter to your bedroom? I’ve had 14 bedrooms to call my own in my lifetime, and as I begin to gather my belongings and prepare to leave bedroom #14, I decided to reflect back on the past 18 months. You can read my letter below, or watch my video (at the end of this blog post).

Bedroom #14.png

It feels strange to refer to you as bedroom #14 when you have so much character.

You’re big. Like, really big. Your windows stand tall over me each morning, bathing me in raindrops and sunlight. Your closets hide more storage space than I would ever know what to do with.

We’ve grown together.

When I moved in 18 months ago, you were empty and a little bit cold. Coming out of university, I felt full to the brim with knowledge and I was ready to fill you with charm and warmth. I thought I could teach you so much, but little did I know..

I started with the essentials. A bed that would allow me to feel both like the queen of my room, and the loneliest of humans – all at the same time.
A carpet to sink my toes into.
A desk where I could transform thoughts into words, and words into art.

We sat.

We sat quietly while the world around us sank deeper.

I thought I could teach you so much, I really did.

You held me as anxiety crept in through your windows and under my duvet. Nothing felt quite as safe as you did.

We sat. We sat and we grew.

One day I woke up and realized that as I grew emotionally, you developed a complex character. Your windowsill is lined with candles and incense, my favorite plants always there to greet me.

You have corners to suit all my needs.

Happiness, joy.

I’ve filled you with trinkets that make up the puzzle pieces to my heart.

It feels strange to refer to you as bedroom #14 when you have so much character.