Bullet Journals: The must-have notebooks

Hey lovelies,

If you’re coming from my “Begginer’s Bullet Journal Flip-Through” post, welcome! By now you should know how much I adore bullet journaling. Seriously, I love it. It serves me as a creative outlet, a way to organize my life, and even as a space to manifest my wildest dreams (more on that in a blog post that’s coming soon).

So, you’re interested in getting into bullet journaling? I’m here to share with you my five absolute favorite notebooks to accompany you on this journey. While there are so many dotted journals out there with pretty covers, for this list, I have prioritized the quality of the paper inside of these journals. Nobody wants their pens to bleed through, and if you’re someone that’s interested in making your BuJo look pretty, well… this should be your number one priority!

So,  here are my top five bullet journals.


Leuchtturm1917 Medium Size Hardcover A5 Notebook

If you’re into journals of any kind, I sincerely hope that you’ve already come across Leuchtturm journals. They’re beautiful, weighted, they come in soooo many gorgeous colors, and the paper quality is top-notch. Leuchtturm stands at my number one spot, and I firmly believe that this is the best journal on the market at the moment. It’s not gimmicky, so you’ll have to number the pages (and basically DIY the whole thing), but this baby is beyond worth the money.91jew5EccyL._SL1500_81seNtkuIPL._SL1500_



Minimalism Art | Classic Notebook Journal


As a very close runner up to the Leuchtturm, I present to you the Minimalism Art Classic Dotted Notebook. As you will notice, all of the journals I’m linking in this blog post come in the A5 size. A little bit bigger than a small journal, but not so big that you feel like you’re carrying a lap top in your bag.

These Minimalism Art journals are so pretty, paper quality is also fantastic, and you really can’t go wrong. They were designed in San Francisco, so that obviously gives them wicked street cred (okay not really, they’re just on this list because they’re great). 91lVXriiOeL._SL1500_.jpg




Scribbles That Matter (Iconic version) Dotted Journal Notebook Diary A5


I am SO excited to share this journal with you guys, because it’s basically got the best of both words (cuteness factor, and quality). The cover has lovely sketches on it, it comes in a number of beautiful covers, and the paper on this babe is BOMB. Another big selling point about this journal is that it comes with a key and index section, and (get this)… all of the pages are numbered!

If that doesn’t make your life easier, I don’t know what will!



Moleskine Classic Notebook

Everyone loves a good Moleskine, am I right? Moleskines are such a classic, that there is no way that they wouldn’t make it to this list. Quality paper, quality binding, and that classic moleskine look. You know, the one that makes you look educated but just slightly pretentious (no shame in that game).

This journal will give you a lot of space to play and create your dream BuJo!


Essentials Dot Matrix Notebook

Last, but certainly not least (since it’s on this list you know it’s good) is the Essentials Dot Matrix Notebook. This baby has blown me away with its paper quality, and it is (once again) a no-frills journal. Classic, structured, and ready to be your sidekick whenever you may need it.




So… are you thinking of starting a Bullet Journal? Have you ever tried any of these incredible notebooks, and if so, what did you think of them?

Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I’ve been thinking about BuJoing for a while now and while I love posts about what content people create for theirs, this post is sooo helpful because I’ve never come across any which actually advise which products are the best to go for! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Sophie – https://sophiehearts.net x

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