An ode of gratitude to the world around me

You know what’s incredible? Pretty much everything. Incorporating gratitude into my daily routine has completely flipped my outlook on life, and because of this, the universe has sent me so many incredible things. It’s so easy to look around and nitpick what’s “missing” (as if anything could be missing, the universe is complete and flourishing), but changing the way you look at the world will bring you so much peace and joy.

While I promise that I will dive into the concept of gratitude soon, today I would love to reflect on things I’m truly grateful for in my life. Perhaps this will encourage you to look closer at the beauty that surrounds you.

I’m grateful for my home. It’s safe, warm when it needs to be, cool when it needs to be. It provides us with a space to sleep, a space to feed and nourish our bodies, as well as a space to socialize. It even has a lovely little deck where I can step out when I need a breath of fresh air.

Here’s the thing, I could look at our home in SUCH a negative manner, but what would that accomplish? Yes, the grouting in the kitchen tile is coming off, and the bathroom door doesn’t fully latch. But why dwell on such minuscule “issues” when I can revel in the fact that I have a safe, lovely home?

I’m grateful for our little baby kitten. She’s cuddly, super affectionate, and a little bit naughty. She’s always ready to explore, and this in itself it SO refreshing and inspiring for me to watch. She brings incredible positive energy into our home, and for that I am grateful.

I could nitpick that she meows in the mornings when we want to sleep, or that I have to clean her litter… but she is so wonderful that these things don’t affect my life in any negative manner.

I’m grateful for all the love and support I receive from my family, as well as my amazing partner. I try to talk to the people I love as often as I can, and they’re always there for me. Dylan, on the other hand, is around when I’m giggling and when I’m crying. Always with his arms around me, always showering me with love.

The majority of my family lives thousands of miles away, and I could easily dwell on that. But think about it.. we have amazing technology that allows me to sing to my nephew via video, and I know that everybody is happy and healthy. What more could a girl want?

I am so grateful for my little white bicycle. It helps me stay healthy, and it takes to me incredible places. It lets me enjoy the sunny days, and provides me with a space of solitude when I need to clear my thoughts and unwind.

I’m in a situation where I can’t get a driver’s license yet due to my processing visa. I’m so happy with my bike though, that it makes no sense to dwell on the fact that I’m unable to drive at the moment.


See? These are some of the things you can easily flip your perspective on. Dwelling on what’s missing or “wrong” will only cultivate more of that empty feeling in your soul. Give gratitude a try, I’m pretty certain that it will change your life.


  1. I got 4 hours(+) of journaling inspiration out of this! Thank you so much!!! I have you officially on my bookmarks bar because I’m finding myself here every day I’m at work. 2018 is becoming an amazing year and I really feel like I should give you at least a shout out of thanks! Most of my good vibes have been maintained thanks to your insight and the way you share it.

    1. Thanks Michele! I feel a burst of creativity and I think that this summer will be good for my blog<3

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