7 Ways to Bring Good Energy Into Your Life

Good vibes are a good time, am I right? It’s so often that we don’t realize how much low energy we’re surrounded with, so I’m coming at you with a list of ways to up that energy and live your most beautiful and authentic life.


  1. Surround yourself with positive people, because good energy is contagious.ย Happy people lead to happy energy, and happy energy leads to good times. As humans, we yearn for good vibes. I don’t know anybody who wants to hang around in a negative atmosphere. On the other hand, minimize time spent with negative nellies. I understand that there are people you care about that are going through a rough patch in life, and by all means, attempt to help them out. If their heavy, negative vibes are bringing you down, perhaps cut down on the time you’re spending with them.
  2. Make time for yourself each day. Read a book, go for a walk, have a cup of tea in the quiet, create a daily ritual. My personal daily ritual is composed of a comfy bed, a cup of coffee, my essential oil diffuser, and a guided meditation. The calm and loving atmosphere that I create for myself each day is the building block of a happy and productive remained of my day. You hold the power to transform your day into a positive one.
  3. Eat nutrient-dense food, like fresh fruits and veggies. Not only are fresh fruits and veggies good for your physical health, but they’re also incredible for your mental and spiritual health. Unlike meat, veggies and fruits fall off of trees for us when they are completely ripe and ready to eat. They are filled with pure love, good energy, and have a tremendous impact on our wellbeing.
  4. Compliment people whenever you can. Not only will it make their day, but it will bring so much positivity to your own day. Like the snotty flu, compliments are totally contagious. If someone throws some of their good energy at me through kind words, I’m so much more likely to do that to somebody else. Kindness only grows when it’s shared.
  5. Start moving. I know, I know – we don’t all love exercising BUT there are so many lovely ways to move that don’t necessarily include the gym. Have a dance party in your bedroom, do yoga outside, take your bike out for a stroll around town, make love. Any kind of movement will raise your endorphins, and slap a smile on that pretty face of yours.
  6. Keep a gratitude journal. Yes, we all know that I’m crazy for the concept of gratitude. I use that word so often, but I only do it because I understand the impact that it has had on my life, and I would love to pass that onto you. Recognizing how lucky we are each and every day is the pinnacle of living a life of happiness, joy, and good energy. Look around at all the amazing people, things, and circumstances that make up your life. Amazing, isn’t it?
  7. Talk (and think) more about things you want, rather than things you don’t want. There is so much to be said about the law of attraction, but the most basic idea is that the universe listens to what you’re putting out into your space, and provides you with more of it. Talk about negativity, and you will find more of it coming your way. Talk about life, love, and beauty, and you’re on your way to an abundant and wonderful life.

I hope that reading this has brought warmth and happiness to your soul.

Love and joy,

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